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Location for Google Employees to download Podium

Texture Library Variety Pack More materials

These free texture files were created to supplement the materials that come with SketchUp. Please feel free to download these libraries and use them in SketchUp as alternatives to the standard SketchUp materials. There are hundreds of JPG files to choose from. You can download the entire variety pack or smaller libraries. 
Entire Variety library- 37 MB Download here
Library 1 - 11 MB Download here
Library 2 - 7 MB Download here
Library 3 - 7 MB Download here
Library 4 - 11 MB Download here

Six new material libraries are being offered free of charge to SU Podium customers. These are made by Cadalog, Inc. The material libraries consist of JPG image files. Download, unzip and import the JPG image files into SketchUp as textures. You can convert JPG files to SketchUp material files so you do not have to constantly import them. Click here for information about how to convert JPG files to .skm files.
Architectural Library Download here
Fabric Library Download here
Metal Library Download here
Nature Library Download here
Stone Library Download here
Wood Library Download here
Tools to help SU Podium 1.4.1 - free for Google employees
The New FAQ document explains a lot of Podium settings.
Download the new FAQ PDF file.
Do you ever find yourself needing to reset the SketchUp model so that no Podium reflections and lighting settings are present? Sometimes, resetting the model back to "zero" is a good way to start all over again. For example, you may have applied lighting on too many surfaces. This will slow the render process down dramatically. But you can't find all the surfaces that have lighting. Use Podium_Tools.rbs to reset the SketchUp model and start all over again. Podium_Tools.rbs requires SketchUp Pro version. Copy this file into your SketchUp\Plugins folder. When you start up SketchUp, you can access it from the Plugins pull down menu.
Download the Podium_Tools.rbs file.

ISU Podium version 1.4.1. It features faster rendering speeds. In our tests, 1.4.1 offers signficant boost in speed. Results will vary from model to model but we expect you will be happy. Contact David Wayne for your serial number.

Download 1.4.1 Full version.

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